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Seminar Program

Join us for the second year of offering fun and informative seminars. We're adding new seminars often so check back periodically. Here's a sneak peak at a few of the speakers and their topics. 

Time and dates listed are subject to change.


SALLY EDWARDS (Olympic Triathlete)

Speaking: Saturday, 4pm-5pm (Pioneering Women's Cycling in Modern Times); Sunday 1pm-2pm (Heart Zone Training)

 As an athlete, Sally has spent the last 22 years as the National Spokeswoman for an all-women's triathlon series. During that time she finished over 150 triathlon races volunteering to finish last, as the "final finisher" so that no other woman has to finish last. Sally is a professional athlete winning races from a mile to a hundred miles. She is a 16-time Ironman finisher, a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame, and past winner of the ultra-marathon, the hundred mile Western States Endurance Run.

Wisconsin Bike Fed: Biking in Milwaukee What's going on? 

Presenting: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

What does the Wisconsin Bike Federation do for you: with special attention towards Southeast Wisconsin. Come and find out ways to get involved!


Jackie Arendt (Ironman Wisconsin Champion!)

Speaking: Friday, 2pm-3pm

It all started on a bet. In 2008, a 23 year-old former collegiate swimmer, cross country runner and cheese eater from Madison WI was swindled into taking on the biggest endurance challenge of her life, the Madison Wisconsin Ironman®. At the time of the decision she had only casually raced sprint distance triathlons and was lured to the Ironman distance after watching many friends compete. Outfitted on a steel lugged road bike, she spent many of her early training days riding the beautiful country roads of Wisconsin and running off of the bike. “Triathlon was a new and exciting sport to me, I really didn’t consider myself much of a cyclist, so I had to train hard….Looking back, ‘training’ as I put it, was more of combination of just riding all of the time with no real plan”. Jackie, a natural athlete, crossed the finish line in Wisconsin, first in her age-group with a new age group record. When asked about the experience today, she often remarks a single response “shocking”. Since that day, Jackie has posted some amazing career progression, over what only seems to be a few short years.

David Spiegelberg, (Regional Tourism Specialist at Wisconsin's Department of Tourism)

Speaking: Sunday, 3pm-4pm (WI Cycling Hot Spots)


David will highlight different ways to learn about the state's many biking opportunities. He will focus on, tourism partner resources and other state agency resources as well as Wisconsin-based biking organizations.  Everyone is welcome. Be sure to attend this session to learn about the family friendly destinations and activities Wisconsin has to offer.

This presentation will be a sampling of linear trails, road routes, mountain bike trails, and great urban rides in Wisconsin.

Barbara Ali (Author and Milwaukee Resident)

Book Signing & Presentation: Friday, Saturday,& Sunday (More than Just a Walk in the Park)

Milwaukee Parks are much more than just picnics, playgrounds, and leisure
walks.  In Barbara Ali's new book, "101 Things to do in Milwaukee Parks: A
Guide to the Green Spaces in Milwaukee", she touts lesser-known
opportunities of fossil hunting, geocaching, birding, dog sledding, and
even diving for shipwrecks.  In this lively photo presentation of
Milwaukee's best features, the local author will share some of these
interesting experiences available to anyone wanting to explore Milwaukee's
beautiful parks. 


John Gurda (Historian and Author)


Speaking: Saturday, 11am-12pm (Greenbelt for Biking: The History of Milwaukee's Parks and Parkways)

John Gurda is a Milwaukee-born writer and historian who has been studying his hometown since 1972. He is the author of nineteen books, on subjects ranging from life insurance to Frank Lloyd Wright and from heavy industries to historic cemeteries. The Making of Milwaukee is Gurda’s most ambitious effort.  With 450 pages, more than 500 illustrations, and a cast of thousands, it is the first feature-length history of the community published since 1948. Milwaukee Public Television premiered an Emmy Award-winning documentary series based on the book in 2006.

Greg Borzo (Passionate Cyclist and Author)

Book Signing & Presentation: Saturday & Sunday (RAGBRAI: America's Favorite Bicycle Ride)

Hear Greg talk about his brand new book!

Greg Borzo didn’t write his book to make money. He created it to help spread the word about “America’s favorite bicycle ride,” he said. “My goal was to tell a story,” Borzo said. “I wanted to tell an accurate, balanced story.” The story he chose to tell was that of RAGBRAI. His book, “RAGBRAI: America’s Favorite Bicycle Ride,” was released in mid to late June.The book was released this year because this is the 40th year of RAGBRAI, Borzo said. He thinks the book will continue to be relevant and “the popularity will grow.”

Greg has also written other great books including:
"Chicago Cable Cars;", "Where to Bike Chicago: Best Biking in City and Suburbs;" and "The Chicago 'L' "

Learn More:

Amanda Schulze Product Manager (WSD Bicycles for Trek Bikes)

Speaking: Friday, 6pm-7pm (Trek Women's WSD)

Hear from the Expert:

Learn about the product development process and how we develop bikes for women!


Mark Joslyn

(VP of Human Resources at Trek BIkes)

The Trek Story




Wisconsin Bike Fed: Biking Milwaukee County by Trail

Presenting: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Are you new or unfamiliar with biking on the Milwaukee Area trails?  Hear a short presentation about trails in Milwaukee County. Opportunities for exploration include: Milwaukee bike map, Hank Aaron State Trail map, the Oak Leaf Trail Discovery Tour Passport, and the new MPS Recreation beginner cycling classes.



Jane Stoltz (Adventure Cyclist)

Speaking: Friday 5pm-6pm & Saturday, 1pm-2pm (Free Wheeling:  An Introduction to Bicycle Touring)

Seminar Description:  Bicycle touring is "The joy of the open road, the freedom to do what you want; to make a trip that fits your needs" (Adventure Cycling Association).   This keynote presentation will launch you into the world of bicycle touring including the different types, appealing destinations, and the calming affect pedaling outdoors can have on one's life.  The choices are up to you.
Presenter Bio:  Jane Stoltz’s experiences by bicycle has varied from being a content participant in a variety of organized tours to co-orchestrating multi week trips with friends in Wisconsin and beyond for the past 30 yrs.  She has been a bike tour leader for Missoula, Montana based Adventure Cycling Association since 1993.  Jane is a member of the Milwaukee Cream City Cycle Club.


Christain Jensen (Director MyTEAM Triumph)

Speaking: Sunday, 2pm-3pm (ACHEIVE: Redefined)

September 8th 2013, Mary Cox and Christian Jensen take on Ironman Wisconsin together as friends.  Mary is afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy which leaves her completely disabled.  In order to complete the event, Christian, Mary's Personal Trainer will pull and push Mary the 140.6 miles in a boat, bike trailer and running chair.  Why?  To Redefine "Achieve".  Christian and Mary are founders of the Wisconsin Chapter of myTEAM TRIUMPH, an athletic mentoring program for challenged athletes.  Christian will be sharing the story of their unique relationship, their passion for helping others achieve their dreams and life lessons they've learned along the journey.


Heather Fortune is the advocacy coordinator at Saris Cycling Group based in Madison, WI. There you can find her organizing events, such as the Honor Ride Madison, advocating bike awareness around the country, and encouraging staff members to commute. Heather can also be found sharing her passion for bikes on the Saris Parking blog at


Tour Da Goose

Speaking: Saturday, 2pm-3pm (Learn about the Ride!)


The bike ride begins and ends at Riverside Park in Watertown. The 30 mile & 60 mile routes will take you through the gentle rolling countryside of Jefferson County. The 10 mile bike ride is a family-friendly experience for those that wish to bring the kids out to enjoy the fun. 


 Three Times the Fun – Recumbent Trikes

Jeff Hudzinski, Recumbent Guru at Wheel & Sprocket Hales Corners

Greg Earle, J&B Imports

Recumbent trikes are becoming increasingly more popular over the past several years.  The completions of city and interurban trails have a lot to do with this phenomenon. You never have to put your feet down when stopping for scenery, stop signs or to chat with a familiar passer-by. You are always ready to start with no concern for balance throughout your journey!  Bikes Presented: Delta above and below seat steering trikes, Tadpole Trikes.

Jeff and Greg will be speaking on Saturday at 10 am.

The World of Comfort Cycling - Recumbents

Who says you can’t burn calories, enjoy the scenery, see traffic around you easier, ride farther and when you are finished still have that smile on your face.  A new expression comes to mind when riding recumbent bikes: “All Gain with No Pain”.  This translates to the absence of pressure points on both hands, bearing weight over the handle bars and no longer with seat back support having road shock radiation up the arms into shoulders and neck creating discomfort. And don’t forget the seat AHHH!   Bikes to be Presented: Short wheel base, Compact long wheel base, Long wheel base

Jeff, Greg Earle, J&B Imports; Mark Colitin, Bacchetta Recumbents will be speaking on Friday and Sunday at 12 pm.

Women's Cycling 101

Dana Johnson, Open Leaf Excursions

Did you know that tourism is the life blood for most countries outside of the USA?  Did you know that only 4% of profits stay within a country when you travel to an all-inclusive resort and 70% of profits stay if you travel around staying in boutique hotels etc… Dana Johnson, Head Adventure Concierge at Open Leaf Excursions LLC, travels around the world and sees the people and the places off the beaten path.  Join her for a presentation about some of her recent travels to Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras and the Western USA.  She’s bound to get you excited to travel a bit out of your comfort zone for the good of the world.


Tailwinds Across America

Robert J Kinderman, Author

Bob will be sharing his story of two adventures. The first took place in 1981, when he and his wife (friend at the time) Denise, crossed the United States on bicycles. The second began in May, 2011 when he first pushed a pen across paper and began writing Tailwinds Across America.

You can purchase your own copy of Tailwinds Across America at Bike Expo for $20. Wheel & Sprocket will donate $3 to the WI Bike Fed for every book sold.

Lauren Jensen, PT

Tri Basics - train for your first triathlon

Learn the basic training involved to get you to the start and to the finish line of your first triathlon.  Coach and elite triathlete Lauren Jensen, PT will provide you with the basics of what you need to know to be prepared for a sprint distance triathlon.

 Tri Faster® Racing Tips

Learn the training and racing tips to make 2013 your best season ever.   Coach and elite triathlete Lauren Jensen, PT will teach you how to make the most out of your precious training time.